Insect Research & Development Limited

Insect Research & Development Limited is a specialist contract research organisation helping clients for over 30 years to develop pharmaceutical products, medical devices, and biocides targeted against insects and other pests of public health importance. 

Our range of services includes: 

  • New Product Development: - Through our partner company EctoMedica Limited we can develop your new or updated product from first concept to technology transfer, with all processes in conformity with ICH guidelines.
  • Laboratory Evaluation: - We offer bioassay testing of a wide range of products including: neurotoxic and physically acting insecticides, repellents and attractants, treated materials and surfaces, and a range of devices from traps through to combs.
  • Clinical field Studies: - Through the Medical Entomology Centre we are world leaders in clinical evaluations of head louse treatments.  We also run studies of repellents and protectants, devices to limit house dust mites and their allergens, and treatments for scabies.

Contact us now for custom designed protocols together with advice and guidance on product application, dose levels, and market areas.

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