Our consultancy service offers clients peace of mind and support from the beginning of an idea and throughout the product’s life.

We offer:

  • Continuing advice and guidance
  • Scientific publications based on laboratory and clinical evaluations
  • Media support - including television and radio interviews
  • ;Marketing input on technical matters
  • Training and seminars
  • Conference presentations

Our consultancy services are offered in two ways: either on an "as required" basis or through a retainer.  When supplied as required we charge either by the hour or by the day, according to requirements.  Retainers are for so many hours or days per month and offer a more cost effective solution for clients wishing for ongoing product support and advice.

Identification service

For many years we have offered a service to the food and consumer products industries for identification of insect and animal foreign bodies affecting their products.   These are not just flies and beetles and can include rodents, amphibians, reptiles, birds, bones, teeth, and hairs that are found in places they should not be.  Our service offers a cost effective and rapid response (usually within 24 hours) to answer questions about what it is - to species where possible -, its normal habits, habitat, and life cycle.

Legal work and Expert Reports

We have extensive experience producing reports to support cases of civil litigation and criminal prosecutions, or defence.  In the majority of cases the report is sufficient to support the case argument.  However, this may be extended to include Expert Witness evidence in court.

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