We can provide a complete New Product Development and project management service for topical medical devices, cosmeceuticals, entomological and pharmaceutical products, and a wide range of biocidal products through our partner company EctoMedica Limited.

  • Bespoke formulation of new products or product concepts
  • Re-formulation of an existing product to improve efficacy or consumer acceptability
  • Novel concepts in dosage form, or product delivery
  • Advice on dosage, or application techniques
  • On-going consultancy through product development and marketing.

New formulations are tested for physical and chemical stability and ongoing batch stability testing is an additional option.

With some of the best known products for control of ectoparasites and nuisance arthropods amongst its successes, the company is now a market leader for anyone serious about breaking into this market, or those wishing to maintain or improving a market share.  

We can create a formulation designed to meet a client’s own specifications, reformulate or modifying an existing preparation; we provide the complete service.