Insect Research & Development has been the first choice test house for many of the world’s leading manufacturers of  products designed to control or protect against insects and other arthropods of public health importance. Our market leading expertise is based on 30 years of  experience working with common nuisances pests such as lice, mosquitoes, bed bugs, house dust mites, fleas, flies, cockroaches, and ticks.  

We routinely test technical materials and formulated products for their ability to eliminate, repel, attract, or inhibit development of a variety of pests.  These may contain pesticides, physically acting compounds, or plant extracts, aswell as novel concepts.  We also test air purifying devices and a range of materials including treated fabrics, bedding, fibres, paints, and other treated substrates.

The types of work we carry out include:

  • Direct contact efficacy evaluation, by dip testing or spray application
  • Insecticide and insect growth regulator assessments, including effects of anti-microbials  
  • Repellents applied to substrates or human volunteers
  • Attractants - pheromones, bait stations, and food.
  • Residual activity and longevity studies
  • Resistance and sensitivity screening
  • Barrier fabric analysis
  • Air filters, steam cleaners, carpet cleaners, and vacuum cleaners
  • Washing machine tests
  • Physical methods of control

We also provide an unrivalled service for:

  • Field and clinical trials (Phase II through to Phase IV)
  • Project management
  • Report preparation
  • Ongoing consultancy

We normally test products using methods based on the instructions for use, mimicking as nearly as possible in the laboratory the way the product is intended to be used.  As a result, the outcome of each test is a good reflection of potential activity of a product in use, and in relation to competitor products tested using the same approach.  

In general we do not employ fixed protocols, although these can be followed where appropriate or where a product requires that approach for regulatory purposes, e.g AATCC test method 194-2008 (Assessment of the anti-house dust mite properties of textiles under long-term test conditions), which is an industry standard based on techniques originally developed in our laboratory.

For more information on what we can do for you please contact Ian Burgess or Elizabeth Brunton