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Clinical Trials


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Clinical Trials


At the Medical Entomology Centre, we are recognised internationally for both our expertise and methodology to conduct Clinical Trials which give meaningful results. We have run clinical trials for the evaluation of some of the world’s most successful head louse treatments which are market leaders in their field.

If you would like further information, please contact us at and we can talk you through our full clinical package which includes:

  • The design of protocols and other study documentation

  • The trial registration on an appropriate publicly accessible database

  • The application and advice on ethical and regulatory approvals

  • The recruitment, on your behalf, of trial participants through our large network of contacts

  • Administration and conduct of trials to ICH-GCP

  • The preparation of the Clinical Study Report and summary reports

  • The archiving of essential documents

  • Scientific publication


For over 35 years Insect Research & Development Limited has been a leading research organization in the field of entomology. We assist clients in the development and clinical testing of pharmaceutical products, medical devices and biocides targeting insects and pests that are of public health importance.

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Insect testing

Our Consultancy Services


Through our consultancy service, we provide product support from conception to after testing. Our ongoing advice, support and guidance can be beneficial for your management, marketing and sales teams alike. Find out more about how our consultancy services can help your business. Contact us at for more information.

Why choose Insect Research & Development Limited?


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Straightforward and Effective Testing Protocols

We use the most effective testing protocols for your products based on its formulation and characteristics.

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Concept to Final Products

Our services include working with our clients from the initial product concept through to the final product. We also offer ongoing help, guidance and advice after product launch.

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Years of Experience

We have over 35 years of experience in the industry and are behind the testing, formulating, and clinical trials of many well-known products.

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