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Insect Product  Formulations

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As part of Insect Research and Development Limited, EctoMedica Limited creates effective insect control formulations for commercial use.

EctoMedica Limited is a market leader counting some of the best-known products for the control of ectoparasites and nuisance arthropods among its successes.

We formulate products specifically tailored to our clients' requirements, or we can reformulate existing products to make them more effective. This can help clients to maintain their place in the ever-changing market with differing consumer requirements. EctoMedica Limited also has off-the-shelf formulations which come with a full dossier ready for market.



Our Insect Testing Services


Insect Research & Development conducts testing to assess the efficacy of clients' products. We have tested a variety of chemicals, materials and substrates for over 35 years. Our transparent and rigorous testing is designed to reflect testing methods. We aim to follow product instructions to replicate the consumer experience as far as possible. Find out more about our testing protocols and services. Contact us at or by our enquiry form.


For over 35 years Insect Research & Development Limited has been a leading research organization in the field of entomology. We assist clients in the formulation and development of pharmaceutical products, medical devices and biocides targeting insects and pests that are of public health importance.


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Insect testing

Why choose Insect Research & Development Limited?


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Straightforward and Effective Testing Protocols

We use the most effective testing protocols for your products based on its formulation and characteristics.

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Concept to Final Products

Our services include working with our clients from the initial product concept through to the final product. We also offer ongoing help, guidance and advice after product launch.

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Years of Experience

We have over 35 years of experience in the industry and are behind the testing, formulating, and clinical trials of many well-known products.

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